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Buddy "L" Museum Paying 55% - 90% more than ebay
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Visit our new website www.BuddyLCars.com and see your favorite antique Buddy L Trucks and
vintage Buddy L Cars Presently on display are several rare trains and other
Buddy L trucks rarely
seen before.    Housed is the country's finest example the rare motorized Buddy l locomotive and blue
Buddy L bus with factory nickel plating We're always seeking original Buddy L toy cars If you have a
Buddy L Flivver for sale we'd like to hear from you presently paying up to five thousand dollars
for any
Buddy l dump truck or vintage space toys in excellent condition. Buying Buddy L, Kelmet,
Sturditoy, Keystone American toy trucks. Buying Japan Vintage space toys. Alps, Linemar, Masudaya
and more. E-mail us for a confidential evaluation. Buddy L Museum Appraisals. Space Toy Museum
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