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Buddy L Toy factory began manufacturing in 1921. Simulating vehicles i e dump truck, oil trucks, water and pumper truck and
more. Many of these trucks were commonly seen on the streets of early America and in 1926 the
Buddy L Flivver was born.
Vintage space toy appraisals Early on sheet-steel was used as a material and a number of "friction" trucks and vehicles we
produced.  However, cast iron soon became the primary material for toy trucks because the casting process allowed for more
accurate replication of details than sheet steel toy appraisals The largest miniature trucks were called "construction toys". Made
of heavy-gauge sheet steel, they were often more than 2' long and strong enough for small children to sit on. Although toys,
many were very accurate reproductions of dump trucks, hauling trucks, timber trucks and even into the earth movers, steam
shovels, derricks, sand loaders, pile drivers, overhead cranes, and concrete mixers trucks. The best-known are part of the
famous Buddy L line made by Moline pressed steel toys with appraisal Free vintage toy robot appraisals, space toy appraisals
Old Buddy "L" Toy Trucks & Appraisals Buying 1950's
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Friction Their baked-enamel finish was designed to be rust resistant, and the steel was strong enough to support 200lbs  
Consequently, many early Buddy "L" antique truck toys have survived. Nonetheless, because they are more than 50 years old,
many are found  today with rusted or repainted surfaces Old Buddy L bus appraisals antique
Steelcraft toy truck design by
elimination Toy robots w/ appraisals Vintage Buddy L Moline Toy Trucks Established around 1916, the Moline Pressed Steel
Company made full-size truck cabs and fenders for International Trucks until 1921, when Moline's founder, Fred Lundahl, began
to produce the Buddy L toys, named after his son. During the 1920s, the firm used the same materials and methods of
construction for both its toys and its full-size auto bodies, which explains the great durability of the toys. The materials and
techniques for building pressed steel toys were modified in the 1930s during the end of the
Buddy L Flivver run the most popular
of the Buddy L Car era. Free
antique toy appraisals Sturditoy Trucks  real toy collectors item because so few survived intact.
Rare Sturditoy Truck Appraisals Scarce Keystone Toy Appraisals Widely sold during the 1920s and '30s,
Sturditoy  antique
trucks competed strongly with the
Buddy L Toys.     The firm produced 15 models, including an American Railway Express truck,
an ambulance, and several dump trucks.
Sturditoys were as stylish as   Buddy L and Keystone vehicles, but were made of a
lighter-gauge steel. As a result, they are often found damaged or missing parts
Sturditoy toy truck appraisals The is such a
wealth of information on the Internet about toy trucks however to obtain the most accurate prices for
Buddy L Trucks and Buddy
L Trains there's only one source, the
Buddy L Museum We've been helping collectors buy, sell, trade & appraise antique toys for
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