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Buddy "L" toys are manufactured by the Moline Pressed Steel Company in East Moline, Illinois. The company was founded in 1910
by Fred A Lundhal and originally manufactured automobile fenders and other stamped auto body parts for the automobile industry.
The company primarily supplied parts for the McCormack-Deering line of farm implements and the International harvester company
for its trucks. Today the
Buddy L "Red Baby" is one of the most sought antique toy trucks in the world.   Buddy L toy collectors club

Moline Pressed Steel did not begin manufacturing toys until 1921. The late Mr. Lundhal wanted to create something new, different,
and durable for his son Arthur (
Buddy L).   He proceeded to designed and produce an all-steel miniature truck, reportedly a model
of an International Harvester Truck made from 18 and 20 gauge steel which had been discarded to the company's large scrap pile.

The other kids in the neighborhood loved the toy so much they got their parents to request Mr. Lundhal make similar toys for them.
The demand made Mr. Lundhal consider manufacturing toys for the toy trade.      He designed and produced 3 samples of all steel
toys under the name
Buddy "L"   The name Buddy "L" came from his son, Arthur, who was known in the neighborhood as Buddy L,
to distinguish him from another Buddy in the same neighborhood It would be another 4 years before the
Buddy L Ice truck and the
Buddy L Coal truck would be produced. During the next decade several variations of
Buddy L trains and trucks would be available

Mr. Lundhal took his samples to the 1922 New York Toy Fair and received a lukewarm reception.     Toy buyers thought the prices
were too high; however, the toys became noted for their size and quality and toy sales took off. Therefore, Mr Lundhal went ahead
and launched the first large American pressed steel toys -
Buddy L.    Within 2 years the Sturditoy and Keystone toy co. were born.

The toy business prospered so much that by 1923,
Moline Pressed Steel co stopped fabricating full-size auto parts in favor of toys
By 1925 the toy line expanded to 20 items, including fire engines, moving vans, tanker trucks, lumber trucks, overhead cranes and
sand loaders. The large
Buddy L fire truck and working Buddy L steam shovel were the two most popular trucks among consumers

In 1926, the fabulous "Outdoor Railroad" train appeared. It was soon followed by
ice trucks, coal trucks, tug boats, airplanes and a
bus. Highly detailed and functional construction
toys were also introduced, including some of the most desirable Buddy L toys ever
manufactured.  Today a
Buddy L bus and black Buddy L coal truck can command upwards of 3 thousand dollars in good condition
Buddy L Moving Van with working rear doors can command a premium price when found in with original box with orig pull cord

In 1930 the name of the company was changed to
Buddy "L" Manufacturing Company. The toys underwent some improvements to
make them more realistic  The Junior line of trucks and toys were introduced with the popular being the red Jr
Buddy L dump truck
continued as the leader of large
pressed steel toys up until World War II.         Because steel was unavailable at that time, a line of  
wooden cars and trucks was produced.       After world war two,
Buddy L continued to manufacture toys; however, it was never the
same as before as toy manufacturers began making plastic toys The
Buddy L Toy Museum will continue to carry on it's tradition of
preserving antique
Buddy L Toy Cars and early Buddy L Trains so future generations can witness toy making at it's finest moment

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