Buddy L Trucks offered during the 1920s often sold for under four dollars. Buddy L Toy cars sold for similar
amounts as did Steelcraft however both companies entered the pressed steel toy market two years later than

Buddy L
.  Keystone toy trucks came standard with nickel plated wheels the first year of production but soon
after changed to rubber
Buddy L Outdoor railroad trains entered it's first production run in 1926 and
continued until 1932.  One of the more successful
Buddy L lines of vehicles was the Buddy L Express Truck
series starting in 1921  while changing designs every three to four years.    The
Sturditoy company also
produced similar express trucks as
Buddy L and Keystone however were not designed after actual trucks The
Buddy L Toy Museum is dedicated to the preservation of pressed steel toys.  All Buddy L Cars and Buddy L
trains are an important part of American culture & can be appreciated by future generations as long as the

Buddy L
Museum continues to survive.   Help us achieve our goals and contact us with all your pressed steel
for sale.  We're always buying good examples of Buddy L Toy Trucks, Old Buddy L trains and all Buddy L
Cars and Trucks. If you have a Red Keystone Water Tower truck for sale or early Buddy L Airplane for
sale contact us Now paying 55%-90% more than Ebay, private collectors and antique dealers.   Our present
and future generations thank you
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